Q&A FlexCongres

What time does the meeting start?

The program starts at 1:15 PM. Lunch is available from 12 noon. Our information market also starts at 12:00 PM.

There is a morning program for a number of participants. They are invited to this.

Will there be food and drinks during the meeting?

Coffee, tea and water will be provided throughout the day. Lunch is available between 12:00 and 13:00.

How can I register for the workshops?

You can register upon arrival. Workshops will be given in 2 rounds.

Until when can I register for free transport?

The FNV will reimburse members for travel costs incurred. We will have declaration forms available at the event. Ask about this upon arrival!

FNV members also have the option to request a free train ticket in advance.  Ask for one before Monday October 2 via getty.herfkens@fnv.nl

When will I receive my train ticket?

The codes to download an NS ticket will be sent by email beginning October 2.

How do I get from Utrecht Central Station to the Central Trade Union House in Utrecht?

For information about buses, visit www.9292.nl and trains www.ns.nl

I am coming to the Flex Congress with my partner. Will my partner also receive a free NS ticket?

If your partner is a member, they will receive a free NS ticket. Free transport is only for FNV members. Your partner can of course always become a member, then they will receive an NS ticket. If you or your partner wish to be a member, you can also indicate that in the registration form.

I have not received an NS ticket by email. Is that right?

The codes to download the NS ticket will be sent from October 2. Make sure you have registered via the registration button at www.fnv.nl/flexcongres

Do I still have to print the NS ticket or can I also load it via my smartphone?

It is no longer necessary to print your NS ticket. You can also collect your ticket directly on your smartphone by loading the ticket in the 'NS app' (download or update this app). After you have redeemed the NS code, you will receive a confirmation email from the NS. Load the train card on your mobile phone in the NS app before you travel. Printing is also possible.

I don't have a smartphone and I can't print the NS ticket because I don't have a printer.

Do you have a neighbor, friends or acquaintance with a printer? Or look for a trade union office near you. To open the gates at the station you need a printed NS ticket or a downloaded ticket on your phone.

If I come with my own transport, will I be reimbursed for my parking ticket and travel expenses?

For members who travel with their own transport or bus, the FNV will also reimburse these costs.

I have not received an NS ticket by email?

The codes to download the NS ticket will be sent beginning October 2.

Make sure you have registered using the form at www.fnv.nl/flexcongres

I am trying to download the NS ticket, but the link does not work.

Check whether you are connected with the internet. Please try again or check the link again. Are you sure you have entered www.ns.nl/couponcode? If that doesn't work, please email getty.herfkens@fnv.nl or call: 06-13176787.

I have entered the code, but the code does not work?

When entering your coupon code, pay attention to the differences between letters or numbers and capital letters (it is best to copy and paste the code). After entering the code, click confirm. You can then download and print the ticket. If you are really unable to redeem the code, please email getty.herfkens@fnv.nl or call: 06-13176787.

My train is not running or is delayed.

The NS uses buses at places where work is taking place. For more information, check the NS website www.ns.nl for current travel information. Or call NS Customer Service 030-751 51 55 (local rate).

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