Rainbow Network FNV

Welcome to the page of Regenboog Netwerk FNV.

The Rainbow Network in the FNV, the main Dutch trade union organisation.

The Rainbow Network is the result of the merging of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender policy groups in the unions (formerly) affiliated to FNV:  several of these unions (such as the public sector union Abvakabo and the commercial services union Dienstenbond) ceased to exist as separate unions at the start of 2015 and became part of FNV. The education union AOb however still exists as a union affiliated to FNV, but its former LGBTQI+ group has merged into the Rainbow Network FNV. Since its start, the Netwerk Regenboog FNV has decided to include the rights of workers with an intersex status in it agenda.

The Rainbow Network is dedicated to improving the situation at workplaces and at the labour market, so that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity can be prevented, and combated.

It is firmly committed to sexual and gender diversity policies in labour unions and at the workplaces. Its working area is not only the Netherlands: several organisations that have merged into the Rainbow Network have a strong tradition in international co-operation. In previous years, groups that are now in the Netwerk Regenboog have been working with Turkish LGBTQI+ and trade union groups (picture: demo in Ankara, 2014), with Latin-American LGBTQI+ groups within trade unions, and with many European trade union LGBTQI+ groups, for instance. The Network is determined to continue its international work.

One of the products of the Network is the Rainbow checklist for collective labour agreements. The original being in Dutch and based on Dutch legislation and regulations, it has been transposed into an international version in English. Since it was drafted before the decision about intersex rights, it it a checklist for LGBTQI+ rights. You can find it here.

The bulk of the information on these pages is written in Dutch. However, should you want to know more, please do not hesitate to email us by e-mail.

More information about the national and international LGBTQI+ trade union policies and activities can be found on the Trade Union Rainbow Rights website.

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