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How do I find accommodation in the Netherlands?

Having a good home is important. There is also a lot involved. How do you find a home? And what can you do if you’re paying too much?

Getting accommodation in the Netherlands

Most foreigners who come to work in the Netherlands rent a house, accommodation or room. This is often organised by the employment agency or the company where you work. You can also rent accommodation in the Netherlands yourself. For example, you can register with a housing corporation if you expect to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time. Check out the website of the municipality where you want to live. Here you can find a list of housing corporations in this municipality. There is often a waiting list for the people who are registered. This means it may be a while before you can rent accommodation.

Yes, that is allowed. If your employer or employment agency rents the accommodation for you, they may deduct the rent from your wages. This is capped at 25% of the applicable minimum wage. This is only allowed if the home also has a quality mark (the SNF quality mark or the AFK quality mark).

The additional costs depend on the agreements you have with the landlord of the accommodation. Costs for gas, electricity, and water usually do not have to be paid separately. These costs are already included in the rent. If you use the internet, you will often have to pay for this separately. You will also have to pay if you want to insure special items in your home. We call this home contents insurance (inboedelverzekering).

How many housemates you are allowed to live with in the Netherlands depends on the living situation. Your landlord can give you information about the rules that apply to your accommodation. If you believe that you don't have enough sleeping space, tell the landlord.

Each municipality has its own rules. You can check this with the municipality where you live. Go to your local town hall for this.

Living in the Netherlands without a job

Employers often offer packages for work, housing, and transport. If your job comes to an end, you may have to promptly leave your home. Sometimes you will have to leave your accommodation within a certain number of days. This depends on the CAO (Dutch collective labour agreement) that applies to your employment agency.

Do you have to leave the house quickly? This can happen if you no longer have a job. Sometimes your municipality can help you find temporary accommodation. Always go to your municipality if you find yourself evicted from your home. The EURES organisation can also help you find a new job.

Questions about rented property

Do you think you pay too much rent? Check out the website Here you can read what the maximum amount is that you can pay in rent. You can also call the Dutch government on 1400 or +31 77 465 67 67. You will need a rent agreement.

Do you think your home is not safe? Or do you have a conflict with your landlord? Then you can contact the Legal Desk (Juridisch Loket). They can help you with this. You can make an appointment by telephone on 0900 – 80 20. The charges are €0.10 per minute, capped at €12.50. You also pay a starting rate of 4.5 cents and your usual calling charges.

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