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Authorities in the Netherlands

Which authorities can I contact in the Netherlands?

When you come to live and work in the Netherlands, you have a lot to organise. There are many authorities that can help you. Below you will find a useful overview of the various authorities.

General authorities

RNI desk

If you are staying in the Netherlands for less than 4 months, you can register with the Non-Residents Records Database (Registratie Niet-Ingezetenen (RNI)). After registration you will receive a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer (BSN)). There are 19 municipalities in the Netherlands that have a RNI desk. Here you can register yourself.


If you are living in the Netherlands, you must register yourself. You can do this at the municipality where you live.


This is a system you can use to log on to government websites. If you have a citizen service number, you can apply for a DigiD.

The tax authorities

In the Netherlands, taxes and contributions are collected by the tax authorities. They also pay allowances for childcare, rent, and care.

Authorities that help with housing

SNF quality mark

If your accommodation has a SNF quality mark, the rent may be deducted from your minimum wage. The SNF quality mark describes the minimum requirements of your accommodation.

AKF quality mark

There is an AKF quality mark for the agricultural sector. If your accommodation has an AKF quality mark, the rent may be deducted from your minimum wage. The AKF quality mark describes the minimum requirements of your accommodation.

Authorities that help with care

Zorgverzekeringslijn (health insurance line)

You can contact the Zorgverzekeringslijn for questions and tips regarding taking out healthcare insurance in the Netherlands.


The prices of the various healthcare insurance policies in the Netherlands vary greatly. The website Poliswijzer can help you choose healthcare insurance.

Authorities that help with work and dismissal


On the website Arboportaal you can find information about health and safety at work in the Netherlands.


The UWV can help you in the Netherlands if you become unemployed, ill, or unable to work.

Inspectorate SZW

The Inspectorate SZW (which will be called the Netherlands Labour Authority (Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie (NLA)) from 1 January 2022) monitors whether employers and employees comply with the laws and regulations for working fairly, healthily and safely in the Netherlands. Here you can also report complaints about this.


The EURES organisation can help you find a new job.

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