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Integrity and ethical behaviour at Mondiaal FNV

Mondiaal FNV depends on subsidies and donations to be able to conduct its work efficiently and continually. We therefore feel strongly about professionalism and transparency, and we review our policy and adapt our work practice whenever required.

Complaints’ procedure

In 2021, we will further define the complaints procedure as well as a complaints procedure for external parties and an adapted code of conduct. A code of conduct was already in place in 2020, to be signed by all Mondiaal FNV staff members on the commencement of their employment.

The Mondiaal FNV confidential counsellor

On 1 March 2020, Inge te Brake (te Brake Advies) was appointed in the capacity of external confidential counsellor for Mondiaal FNV for a period of one year. This term will be automatically extended each year. The confidential counsellor’s duties will include the following:

  • being accessible and available to staff at any time;
  • having the freedom to make appointments, and to provide counselling if needed;
  • providing information to employees;
  • drawing up an annual report for the organisation, with possible points requiring attention;
  • providing advice and identifying issues.

Mondiaal FNV decided to hire an external qualified advisor in the capacity of confidential counsellor because, in this way, staff would be given the option of calling in an independent party outside the organisation to discuss and/or report on issues relating to integrity and ethical behaviour. The confidential counsellor will observe strictest confidence in all her activities. 

In terms of hours per month, it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of time involved in deploying an external confidential counsellor. During a meeting with Mondiaal FNV twice a year, the counsellor will report on the use of services. Owing to the secrecy and confidentiality that should be observed, she will do this without revealing any details about the content of cases.

Complaints about Mondiaal FNV during 2020

In 2020, there were no requests for consultation or reports on matters relating to integrity and ethical behaviour. Furthermore, no complaints were received with regard to Mondiaal FNV staff or activities.

More information

More information on Mondiaal FNV’s Code of Conduct and complaints procedure: