Social report 2022

In the social report of 2022 we look back at the developments within the work organisation of Mondiaal FNV.

In 2022 there were a number of key issues for Mondiaal FNV. These were the aftermath of the corona pandemic and return to the office in combination with hybrid working, the high rate of sickness absences with a higher workload as a result, and conduct in the workplace.

Hybrid working had become the norm, but at a meeting session on this issue, staff said that they missed the personal contact. It was therefore agreed that everyone would try to go back to the office for part of the time and that presence at a number of meetings per year was compulsory. During the course of the year, we saw that physical presence at the office had once again increased.

Unfortunately, the sickness absence rate was high. The work could partly be covered by external personnel but part also had to be covered internally and the absences resulted in a temporary increase in workload for other colleagues. 
In 2022 discussions were held with the team on conduct in the workplace and the Mondiaal FNV code of conduct. This is an issue that is on the agenda every year.  We also discussed how Mondiaal FNV defines and expresses diversity and inclusion.

At the end of 2022, 19 people (17,97 FTE) were working at Mondiaal FNV and there were three vacancies, which were filled as of 1 February 2023. With the exception of one colleague, all the colleagues had a permanent contract.

In the Netherlands, Mondiaal FNV also made use of the services of a number of self-employed people, who assist us here at times of sickness and peak periods, and 10 independent consultants who support our work and our partners in the countries where we operate. These consultants all originate from the region in which they work. Their locations are: India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Peru and Ecuador.

The day-to-day management is in the hands of Managing Director Karen Brouwer, who reports to the board of the foundation. The Board of Mondiaal FNV consists of five members. The President and the Treasurer also occupy the same positions on the Board of the FNV. Other members are connected to one of the sectors or member unions of the FNV. The Board Members meet approximately 5 times a year. The Board is composed of the President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board is non-salaried: the members receive no remuneration for attendance at the meetings.  

  • Tuur Elzinga - President
  • Willem Noordman - Treasurer
  • Marieke Manschot - Member-at-Large
  • Zamaney Menso - Member-at-Large
  • Walter Dresscher - Member-at-Large

Mondiaal FNV follows the FNV collective bargaining agreement and is a member of the Employers’ Association FNV organisations. The remuneration policy of Mondiaal FNV is in line with that of the FNV and is below the maximum permitted level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (collective bargaining agreement Rijk scale 19). A working week at Mondiaal FNV is a maximum of 35 hours.

In 2022 a works council (OR) was established at Mondiaal FNV consisting of three people. The works council is active and involved. Together with management, a number of action points were drawn up to be worked on jointly, including: employee satisfaction; workload reduction; review of job descriptions.

In 2022 the Mondiaal FNV gender-mainstreaming work group delivered a gender training session to the whole team. In addition, a work group prepared training sessions on diversity and inclusion. These training sessions for the whole team will take place in 2023.

Mondiaal FNV has developed policy relating to ethical behaviour and integrity and has a code of behaviour which applies to direct employees as well as to self-employed people working for Mondiaal FNV and consultants who work for us abroad. Conduct in the workplace is an issue that is discussed with the whole team every year. 

In 2021, we adopted an internal complaints procedure and a complaints procedure for external parties, including the possibility of submitting complaints anonymously via a third party (See Hear Speak Up, which can be accessed via the Mondiaal FNV website). In 2022 ethical behaviour, conduct in the workplace and integrity were discussed with the whole team in a day-long meeting led by the confidential counsellor. 

The confidential counsellor

In 2022 Inge te Brake (Te Brake Advies) was our external confidential counsellor. Mondiaal FNV’s objective in appointing an external confidential counsellor is provide a qualified advisor in the capacity of external confidential counsellor for the staff (those with a permanent contract as well as those working on a consultancy basis) of Mondiaal FNV. The confidential counsellor observes strictest confidence in all her activities. Third parties may also address the confidential counsellor with complaints or questions (in addition to See Hear Speak Up). 

Complaints 2022

In 2022 two cases were reported via our complaints mechanism. Together with the confidential counsellor, the cases were dealt with and brought to a successful conclusion for those involved. In addition, the confidential counsellor finalised 2 other complaints reports and there was 1 informative session.

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