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Vacancy: Regional Consultant Mondiaal FNV Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Mondiaal FNV supports democratic trade unions and trade union related NGOs in developing countries worldwide. Mondiaal FNV currently has a vacancy for a consultant to support the development of our programmes in the region until the end of 2019 (with the possibility of extension).

Amsterdam, 27 May 2019

Mondiaal FNV is in the process of establishing a new programme in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region within the scope of its Trade Union Collaboration Programme (TUCP) and possibly also its Strategic Partnership (SP) with Fair Wear Foundation and the Dutch confederation CNV Internationaal, on improving labour conditions in the Ready Made Garments industry. The current term of both programmes will end per 31 December 2020.
Developments and discussions are underway regarding new multiple-year programmes starting from 2021. Alongside this Mondiaal FNV also supports solidarity projects with sectoral funds from within FNV.

Under the TUCP Mondiaal FNV primarily supports project partnerships in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt focussing on social dialogue and the construction sector. Plans are in progress for expansions to other countries in the region. Solidarity projects are also underway or will commence in the short-term.

Mondiaal FNV currently has a vacancy for a consultant to support the development of our programmes in the region until the end of 2019 (with the possibility of extension).

The broader role of the consultant will be primarily twofold:

  • to contribute to and help further develop a programme in the region under theframework of the current subsidy programmes;
  • to provide advice and input regarding the region on the Mondiaal FNV proposalsfor new subsidy programmes starting from 2021.

In the event that the consultancy contract will be extended for a longer period (after 2020), the consultant will be called upon to assist in further developing activities under the framework of the new subsidy programmes. 

The TUCP programme will consist of thematic areas such as social dialogue and high-risk value chains such as construction. Further themes which are important to develop in the near future are gender and migration. The focus of the SP is the Ready Made Garments industry, with the possibility for an expansion to include the leather sector in a new programme phase. Thematic areas of the SP are living wage, social dialogue and (the elimination of) genderbased violence and discrimination at work.

Given that the programme in the MENA region is in a preliminary phase, a main focus will be the identification of new partners and the development of new project partnerships. Part of this will involve advising on, and where relevant contributing to, mappings and researches. He/she is expected to have dealings with different stakeholders including trade unions and (labour-related) NGO’s, international solidarity support offices (SSO’s), local ILO offices and the like.

A further role involves practical guidance to partners in formulating their project proposals and support, as requested by partners and by Mondiaal FNV, in the monitoring and evaluation of projects.

All in all the consultant will play a role in the capacity building of partners, and support the general coordination and linking of projects. Furthermore, he/she will represent Mondiaal FNV when necessary towards other stakeholders in the region and will prepare visits of Mondiaal FNV officers to the region.

Travel within the region, and on occasion further, is a necessary part of this position. The preferred location, with a view to accessibility and travel within the region, is Jordan, Lebanon. Mondiaal FNV works with independent consultants and does not have local offices. 

Job description Regional Consultant Mondiaal FNV Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


The consultant supports partners in projects and activities within the framework of the TUCP and (potentially) SP programmes. He/she will work closely together with the policy advisor and projects officer of Mondiaal FNV for the region.

The duties of the consultant in the field will be:

  • Become acquainted with and knowledgeable about the partners of Mondiaal FNV;
  • Identify potential new partners, both for the near and long-term future;
  • Provide guidance and advice to (potential) partners on the participatory projectformulation according to the Theory of Change of the TUCP parameters and theStrategic Partnership framework;
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of trade unionism and trade union developments both atcountry, regional and international level. Play a liaising and advisory role in this regard;
  • Provide support and input as required for baseline studies, feasibility studies and preproject exercises;
  • Provide guidance and advice on organizational analyses of (potential) partner organizations. Actively participate in such analyses, including the identification of strengths and weaknesses in technical, organizational and administrative (including financial) capacities;
  • Formulate needs and opportunities for organisational support to partner organisations, including development of organizational improvement plans and advice on organizational strengthening;
  • Contribute to and advise on strategic planning;
  • Advise on the development of a monitoring practice and preparation of coherent result-oriented reports with the partner organisations;
  • Facilitate a coherent and efficient monitoring practice by the partner organisations;
  • Contribute to strategy and knowledge development of Mondiaal FNV;
  • Contribute to the monitoring and reporting requirements of the TUCP and SP;
  • Contribute to communication, lobby and advocacy by Mondiaal FNV in co-operation with other stakeholders where relevant;
  • Arrange and organise visits of FNV specialists, staff or other representatives, including travel arrangements and the arrangement of meetings;
  • Contribute to technical reviews and evaluations including, among other things, formulation of terms of references, the identification of potential evaluators, the arrangement of meetings, and the gathering and dissemination of documentation.

Skills and other requirements:
Based on education and considerable working experience the consultant possesses:

  • Knowledge of and experience with participatory planning methodologies including the Theory of Change (ToC) and the significance and use of this instrument formonitoring and evaluation;
  • Proven experience with instruments for institutional development and organisational strengthening;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the trade union movement in the MENA region;
  • Knowledge of thematic areas such as social dialogue, gender, migration and high-risk value chains;
  • Knowledge of and capability to use training and education techniques;
  • Financial insight;
  • Full proficiency in Arabic and English. French is an advantage;
  • Reporting skills in both languages;
  • International working experience is an advantage;
  • Internet access from his/her working place;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Available to travel within the MENA region and further if required.

Personal competencies:
This position requires (not in order of priority):

  • Flexibility, independence and initiative;
  • Good planning and organisational skills;
  • Good mediation and social skills;
  • Capacity to understand and work within complex situations;
  • Political and social sensitivity;
  • Insightfulness and critical thinking;
  • Persuasiveness;
  • Integrity.

We offer:
We offer a consultancy contract for 10 days a month, for an initial period of July to December 2019 with the option of an extension until December 2020 subject to satisfactory performance. A more detailed work plan will be developed prior to starting with the initial contract period.

The consultant will work individually but will have regular contact with the policy advisor and projects officer of Mondiaal FNV and other staff where relevant, e.g. PMEL officers. An enabling structure will be created to allow this regular contact and the exchange of experiences and methodologies.

Further enquiries

Further enquiries regarding the position can be made with Leona McCann, via +31 624416988 or

Application and job interviews

A written application consisting of a curriculum vitae and a short motivation letter should be submitted by e-mail before 16 June 2019 to Karen Brouwer, Managing Director of Mondiaal FNV via
Job interviews (teleconference) will be planned on Tuesday 18 June 2019.

Download this text in pdf

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- Trade Union Collaboration Programme (TUCP)