The FNV is an organization of unions that represents the interests of employees and social benefit claimants. The focal points of the FNV are employment and income, two aspects which cover a very broad area. Income may be derived from work, but also from social benefits. Equality, decent work, solidarity, freedom of speech, justice and sustainability are the FNV’s core principles.


The FNV consits of eighteen specialized unions jointly representing the interests of about 1.1 million members. This makes the FNV the largest and strongest trade union confederation in the Netherlands.


Approximately 1.9 million people in the Netherlands are a member of a trade union. In terms of the total working population, this means that 27 out of every 100 people are unionized. The FNV has eighteen affiliated trade unions representing about 1,1 million members: 63 percent of all trade union members. The members of the FNV are a cross-section of the population of the Netherlands: men and women, old and young, employees and social benefit claimants, self-employed and in paid employment, Dutch nationals and people of other nationalities.

Everything with regard to employment and income is core business for the FNV. Our activities are divided between collective and individual interests of employees. The FNV attaches great importance to the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and orderly work and to protection against unemployment. Everyone has the right to equal pay for equal work. Work is for many people an important part of their lives. It provides an opportunity for social participation and provides an income. People should be able to develop themselves in their work and there income should be enough to live economically independent.

A better division of labour is important because of the right to adequate leisure, cultural development and social contacts. A better balance between work and private life, between paid and unpaid work, is therefore desirable. The FNV advocates a better life scheme, so working people can combine every stage of their career with their private lives.


The FNV has the answer to all your questions with regard to employment and income. And - another major point - you can join in the discussion and vote on collective labour agreements, witch the FNV arranges with employers. This means you can influence the terms and conditions of employment that are relevant to for your job.

The membership fee differs from union to union, but on average, membership fees are about € 15 per month. Students, part-time workers, senior citizens and social benefit claimants usually pay less. You can directly apply to the FNV trade union, which is active in your sector. You can also subscribe through the FNV website.

Also the membership gives you certain advantages. For example free tax advise, legal aid, higher wages and security, affordable health insurance and free career advice.

Contact us

The FNV and the affiliated unions have multiple offices in the Netherlands.

One of the offices is located in Amsterdam, just opposite the railway station Amsterdam Sloterdijk:
Naritaweg 10, 1043 BX Amsterdam (for visiting) or
Postbus 8456, 1005 AL Amsterdam
Telephone general  +31 (0)20 5816300
E-mail info@vc.fnv.nl


The social dialogue in the Netherlands

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The social dialogue in the Netherlands has a long history. The Dutch model of consulting social partners on socio-economic issues is often referred to as the 'Polder model'. Polders are pieces of land that have been conquered from the sea by laying dykes around them and pumping the water away. By means of wind mills, of course.